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Cost and Registration


The approximate cost for the entire retreat is $23,500.00 US (17500 Euro). This rate is subject to change and will be determined at start time of the 3 years retreat.

This fee includes the following

  • Remuneration for the Retreat Master and the Retreat Assistant (for shopping and delivery of food)
  • Accommodation in a retreat cabin
  • Food (provided by a Retreat Assistant)
  • Practice texts (translated into English)
  • Daily offerings for your altar


Not Included in this fee

  • The round-trip airplane ticket. You can make your own arrangements for travel or can be assited by White Lotus Travel
  • Tsok Offerings
  • Light offerings with palm oil
  • Precious offerings: such as gold or silver. These offerings are made when rare and precious teachings/empowerments are given during the retreat and considered very auspicious.

Dates and Registration

Registration Deadline: 6 months before beginning of retreat

Retreat Dates

First Retreat: November 2009 - February 2013
Second Retreat: February 2013 - May 2016

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