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Announcement from Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche

We just received news about the passing of  Dudjom Rinpoche's consort, Sangyum Kusho Rinzin. 

Rinpoche says that he owes her a tremendous debt of gratitude as she (as well as Dudjom Rinpoche) was always very helpful and kind to him, and they had a strong connection.

Rinpoche wants all of our groups in different places, (especially all the Yeshe Khorlo centres) to do our utmost in reciting prayers and doing practice in her intention. He wants people of America, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Singapore, Taiwan etc. to pray and dedicate merit in the following days. Please inform your dharma brothers and sisters. If it's possible we should try to do Kunzang Zhithro practice, otherwise any prayers of aspiration are appropriate. 

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